Rigging Equipment

Welcome to Partrid, your trusted source for top-quality rigging equipment solutions in Zimbabwe. With our extensive range of equipment, we provide reliable and high-performance solutions to meet the diverse needs of various industries. At Partrid, we prioritize quality, safety, and reliability, ensuring that our equipment exceeds your expectations and helps you achieve operational excellence.

Bow Shackle

Crosby Clamps

D Shackles

Eye Bolts

Grab Hooks

Safety String/Latch Hook

Self Locking Hook

Spreader Bar

Pulley Blocks Cranes

Turn Buckles

Oblong Rings

Eye Bolts

Partrid offers a comprehensive range of rigging equipment in Zimbabwe designed to meet the demands of your lifting and rigging operations. From slings and shackles to hoists and lifting beams, we supply a wide array of high-quality equipment sourced from reputable manufacturers. Our rigorous quality control processes ensure that every piece of equipment meets industry standards and undergoes thorough inspection before it reaches your hands.

We understand that every lifting operation is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach may not suffice. That’s why Partrid specializes in providing customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Our team of experts works closely with you to assess your needs, offering personalized recommendations and designing bespoke solutions. We combine our technical expertise with a deep understanding of your industry to deliver efficient, safe, and optimized equipment solutions.

When it comes to rigging equipment solutions, Partrid is your trusted partner. Our commitment to quality, safety, and reliability sets us apart, ensuring that you receive top-notch equipment that meets your unique requirements. With our extensive product range, customized solutions, inspection services, and training support, we strive to optimize your operations. Contact Partrid today to experience the excellence of our equipment solutions and elevate your operational performance.